Sr. Software Engineer – Backend (API)

Job Description

  1. Oversee the technical parts of the projects assigned. Technical parts includes, but not limited to, architecture, language/platform/framework/database choice
  2. Mentor the junior members of the team
  3. Design and develop Kudo backend services with high-performance, stability and scalability in mind
  4. Collaborate with or follow directions from engineering architects
  5. Write code with TDD approach
  6. Design database structures

Technical Requirements

  1. Understand the product/feature in-depth and also the underlying technicality.
  2. Able to read and understand documents: Product understanding by consuming requirement documents (PRD, TRD, Invision, etc)
  3. Manual testing of mobile and web apps, Bug reporting, Test case design
  4. API testing using postman, soapUI, relevant tools
  5. Understanding of database concepts and queries (Mysql, PostgreSQL, etc)
  6. Understanding or Experience in scripting or any programming language like python, java, etc
  7. Experience in Selenium, Appium or any relevant test automation tools
  8. Understanding of test automation frameworks like robot framework, testNG, jUnit, etc is a plus
  9. Understanding or experience in running load tests using any open source tools like jmeter
  10. Knowledge of Web server, Tracing and Monitoring tools like AWS cloud watch, data dog, etc is good to have

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