Head of Web

Job Description

  1. Collaboratively set short term to long term objective
  2. Monitor and evaluate web technology, people, and process
  3. Supervise and coach engineering managers and technical leaders
  4. Build, train and mentor engineers
  5. Manpower planning

Technical Requirements

  1. BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience
  2. 8+ years experience as Engineer. Front End Engineer is Preferred.
  3. Fluently programming in one of a programming language (ex: JS, PHP, python java ) and have experience using framework such as react, laravel, node.
  4. Familiarity with OWASP security principles
  5. Have deep knowledge of software engineering concepts (ex: Design Pattern, Object-Oriented Design Principles )
  6. Experience implementing secure, resilient, high-performance CMS / Internal Tools / Dashboard / Reporting System
  7. Familiar with Version Control System (ex: Git, Mercurial )
  8. Experience in end-to-end web development (full stack)

Soft Skills Requirements

  1. Strong and visionary leadership
  2. Excellent communication skills with an ability to work well cross-functionally across multiple departments
  3. Passion of learning and development teams
  4. Team player with a collaborative work ethic

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